We are a UK, Canadian and Iraqi Based Consultancy Company dealing with and arranging the providing of various Drilling Companies in the UK and Middle East.

Our Mission:

To be a premier Oil & Gas services provider on national and international levels with a high standards of Corporate Social Responsibilities while maintaining profitability, growth and safeguarding shareholders’ interests.

Our Vision:

To achieve our objectives by implementing effective technologies, adopting progressive & best business practices and investing in Research & Development.

Our Objectives:

• Preserve and promote ADA Oil & Gas Services as a brand and identity name as a professional and world-class service.

• Continue the aggressive effort for developing the company’s market intelligence and knowledge through strengthening the company’s network, increasing meetings with clients, market research and development and analysis of various data that is available to the company.

• Maintain the company strong position as reliable long-term player in the market and gain the confidence of all stakeholders.

• Insure solid and within industry standards profitability rate to reward investors, to be able to penetrate new markets, to develop new services, and to reward and retain employees.

• Enforce, Promote, and adhere to Health, Safety, and Environment standards and enhance awareness among all employees to ensure safe working atmosphere and to associate the company’s name with safety.

• Promote the company’s name and brand regionally and internationally through attending conferences, workshops and exhibitions and developing a strong international networks.

• Participate in local and regional exhibitions to assure the company’s presence and availability and to showcase the company’s services and various business lines and projects.

• Focus on Public and Media Relations through actively publishing company news, events, and activities and by updating the company’s website and other promotional material.

• Become a leader by aggressively recruiting and training in key technical positions and develop a relationship with local technical institutes and colleges. Continuously develop and train the managerial and admin staff to meet the daily challenges, standout among peers, and to be professional and up to date with industry trends.